Purchasing a home is one of the biggest financial decisions of one’s life. Whether you are a first time home buyer or an experienced one, you must be careful and be 100% committed before putting in an offer.

Why Do You Want to Buy?

A good question to ask yourself is why. Are you sick of paying rent for someone else’s mortgage? Have you outgrown your home? Have your kids moved out and you need a smaller home? Are you looking for an investment property to add to your portfolio? Do you want a shorter commute? Understanding the why will tap into your motivation and desire.

How to Find Your Ideal Home?

A good way to start is by putting pen to paper and listing out all your WANTS and NEEDS. While writing this you will start to see what items you value more than others. This list will allow you to choose and fixate on the right property when you see it. Communicating with your agent to discuss this list of wants and needs will help the agent to hone in on your ideal home. Communication is key during this step which leads into the next category.

Selecting the Right Realtor

How do you select the right agent to work with? To begin, you have to enjoy communicating with your real estate agent. If there is no communication, then everything else won’t matter.

In-depth knowledge of the area, school districts, traffic times, local hotspots, etc.

Strong negotiation skills.

Network. Agents like to work with other agents they like. Being on good terms with the opposing agents will help in the offers stage. Having the listing agent vouch for your agent is an added plus when a seller is deciding which offer to choose.

Transparency and Integrity. Your agent should have your best interests at heart.

Responsiveness and Accessibility. Quick turnaround times and being available to you.

Experience. Know how to handle the transaction and guide you through any and all problems.

  • The Yager Home Team is built on trust and integrity to serve clients in a responsive and professional manner. Team Yager has won over the confidence of all their clients which is highlighted by the constant referrals and repeat business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help accomplish your real estate aspirations.
How to Make a Strong and Appealing Offer?

Consult with your agent to discuss a competitive price along with discussing what’s on the Seller’s offer table.

Create a personal letter to the sellers to explain why their home is the perfect fit for you and your family. Create a personable bond between you and the seller.

Be patient. Do not consistently bombard the agent and sellers asking for their response. This is a big decision for the sellers.

In a multiple offer situation, go in with your best offer. Many sellers and agents will respect a buyer who goes in with their best offer. At times, sellers will not send out counter offers and will select the best offer. Submit your best offer for your number one choice to eliminate any doubt or regret. Buyers always assume that counters will be submitted to all offers and try to undercut the competition. It almost always never works and you may end up without a counter back, missing out on your number one option.

If you get outbid, do not get discouraged. This is part of the home buying process. It is important to consult with an experienced agent who knows how to format an offer to stand out from the bunch.


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