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My name is Reiko Tamura, I am a real estate investor. My partner and I have been investing in real estate over 15 years. We conduct our business very seriously and professionally, and our expectations are high. This was our first time to work with Ms. Yumi Yager and Mr. Kai Yager. But, Yumi and Kai exceeded our expectations and sold our house in a matter of one weekend with over 15 offers. Toward the end, actually my partner and I had to ask them to stop accepting offers because there were too many offers – good offers. What they were great at was their preparations and marketing. As you know, first thing for everyone to do is to determine how much we are going to ask for the house. Asking Price is the key factor to be successful in real estate business – cannot be too high and cannot be too low. Yumi and Kai brought 5 -6 comps with them, analyzed and explained each one of them to us, and sure enough the Asking Price they came up with and what we were in our minds were exactly the same. That was impressive. Once we determined the price, they put our house not only on MLS listing site, but on Social Media Marketing sites, sent out physical post cards to the neighbors, and had a Broker Open House before our official Open House. They are professional and hard workers. They are also responsible and honest with good heart. Those are the skills all the real estate agents should have, and sure they do. I have no hesitation to recommend both Ms. Yumi Yager and Mr. Kai Yager as your next real estate agent!! You will be in great hands like we were!!! Sincerely, Reiko Tamura

Reiko Tamura 01/27/2020 Zillow

Yumi was an absolute godsend. I have recently had the displeasure of dealing with a number of unresponsive realtors in other parts of the country, and that makes me appreciate Yumi even more. I was having great difficulty moving forward with a transaction. After numerous conversations, Yumi was very aware of my thought process and knew what needed to be done to accomplish my goals. She carefully explained my options and helped me understand the best solution. Yumi listened, understood, had empathy, and was able to put a plan in place. She then continually touched base to ensure all my questions were answered and guided me through every step. Yumi was always available by phone, text, or email and flexible in arranging meetings. My thought is that whether it is a large or small transaction, it could mean everything to the person involved. Whatever your situation, it would be worth having a conversation with Yumi to see if she is the person who can make things happen for you. I believe that, as in my case, she will develop a relationship through understanding what is important to you so that she can provide you with personalized service. Yumi treated me with respect and kept to her word. I will forever be grateful to Yumi.

Linda 12/13/2019 Zillow

Working with Kai was the highlight of my home buying experience. He is very responsive, pays great attention to detail and truly wants the best for the people he services. He has helped with each step of the process from getting the most desirable location and home for my price range to assisting with the typical nuances of moving into a new home. I recommend choosing Kai for your next real estate venture because he will make sure you get the results you desire! Thanks again Kai

Joshua L. 12/27/2019

Kai helped us get into a beautiful home at a fair price, and in a short amount of time. He also went above and beyond in helping us negotiate exactly what we wanted and helped us overcome any hurdles that came up. Kai took the stress out of the home buying process, and I couldn't be happier with the experience. I highly recommend Kai to anyone who is looking for a friendly and experienced agent who knows exactly what needs to be done to get you into the home you want!

Esequiel R. 10/24/2020

Yumi is the most reliable, responsive and dedicated real estate agent you can think of! We sent her the first message one Sunday afternoon on the way to the open house we wanted to check, which she responded immediately, and an hour after that we were having the first meeting. We were lucky enough to find our dream house soon after the meeting and Yumi represented us as a buyer's agent. Based on her experience and the information she gathered from the seller's agent, she gave us precise advice/strategy on how to make our offer. Thanks to that, our offer was accepted among multiple competitive offers. All of the escrow process went just smooth since she had made a good relationship with the seller's agent. We highly recommend her!

Akiko Kimoto 05/31/2019 Zillow

Met Kai through a family member's recommendation. After our first conversation, he made us feel conformable enough to become first time home buyers and assured us that he would be guiding us through the process. Sure enough, any concerns that arose, he took it upon himself to provide us the most thorough answer and provided us different perspectives that wouldn't otherwise have been considered due to our lack of experience. After his first battery of questions to familiarize himself with what we were looking for, he took it upon himself to make sure he provided us with plenty of options that were available on the market for us to carefully consider. Thanks to his diligence the process of buying a home was made easier and we have to attribute that to Kai's efforts.

ISAAC H. 12/31/2018

This is my first time purchasing a home. I am extremely grateful to have Kai guiding me through the whole process. Especially during this time, he was very accommodating and helpful from the start. I had several houses I was interested in, Kai stayed on top of it all. Once I was set on purchasing my house, he made sure I was getting the property in the right price range. He was able to negotiate to where I was very comfortable with. Thank you for making this first purchase so easy!

Jerry C. 10/24/2020

Yumi has helped me through multiple transactions. She has helped me purchase two properties as well as purchase two properties. Yumi was fantastic in assisting both my purchases and helping me sell my properties. She is very knowledgeable in the industry and am very happy with her service. I was in Japan for a few of those transactions and Yumi was still able to adjust her time to suite my schedule and needs. I recommend her for all your real estate needs. Thank you.

Akemi 01/14/2020 Zillow

Kai was super helpful in helping us purchase a property. He somehow was able to schedule viewings for 4 houses back-to-back, making our viewing process very effective and efficient. He gave his honest, unbiased opinion on every house, helping us make our decision rationally. When we decided which properties we wanted to make offers on, he walked us through the offer process (how much to offer compared to the asking price, comparisons nearby, contingencies, etc.)-- this was super helpful. Kai was able to help us negotiate with the seller more than we expected regarding repairs. He easily saved us a couple thousand dollars here. Overall, Kai was able to guide us throughout our home-buying process without any complications. TLDR: Kai is one of the best agents around. He will take care of you :)

Daniel T. 10/22/2020

I asked Yumi for help to sell my home in South Torrance due to my divorce.It was a very emotional process and I can’t imagine how the process would have been without her. She supported me throughout the whole process and represented me in the best way possible. She was kind, polite, patient, and fought for me in every way possible. She put me first and I can’t thank her enough for all she has done. She is definitely my agent for life and will recommend her to all my friends and family.

S.F. 01/09/2020 Zillow

When I sold my house last year, she helped me as a real estate agent. She is very caring and trustworthy. I did not have much time to sell my house but she was very reliable and helpful. I am very grateful to her.

Mieko Kittaka 01/07/2020 Zillow

Yumi helped my wife and me look for a condo for rent and helped buy a new house. She has shown me kindness in so many different ways and was always on hand to give helpful advice. She is a really nice and caring person! If you need some help about housing, I highly recommend her.

Kurone Konokujira 01/12/2020 Zillow

She was very reliable and was also able to handle our open houses and sales activities efficiently. For closing our escrow, she could proceed the process smoothly.

Shiro Inoue 12/17/2019 Zillow

Yumi helped me purchased my condo in Torrance. She really knows how to help the buyer to negotiate the right price since she knows the area really well.

Tom Luo 08/09/2019 Zillow

I had lots of questions and concerns selling my house but Yumi made the entire process comfortable and seamless. She got me multiple offers within days after putting the house on the market. I will definitely contact her again for future real estate needs !

K.H. 01/12/2020 Zillow

Yumi is an excellent Real Estate professional with her networks. I bought a property in Torrance with her and it was a great experience, really no stress and I always like her straight talk with super polite way. Then I needed some improvement for the property and she helped so much. she knows all kind of dealers and she could introduce them accoridning to my budgets!!

Shuzo 01/17/2020 Zillow

Yumi took the time to show us properties that matched our needs and bouget,and we eventually found the one! Yumi took into consideration our needs which were mainly based off of loacation since we wanted to be close to shopping centers, restaurants, fitness centers, and our doctores. We are very happy with the results that Yumi got for us and the level of comfort she provided made the process as smooth as possible. I love to recommend Yumi Yaget to my friend because I know she will provide them with such great service.

T.D. 01/17/2020 Zillow

Kai represented us for a lease and made the entire process as smooth as possible. He quickly put together options based on what we asked for and handled everything so that when viewing day came it was a fast and easy process! He planned the viewing day seamlessly and when we decided on a place he thoroughly documented any issues with the property because he genuinely cares about the security deposit. Kai himself was so great to work with if you are looking for an honest, professional, and easy going real estate agent to help you with your search. Will definitely reach out to Kai when we purchase a home! Would give more stars if I could.

Samantha W. 10/22/2020

Kai put in his BEST effort to make the home buying process as easy and simple as possible. Does a great job communicating directly with me on a regular basis and is a very easy person to get along with. I was expecting buying a home to be a long and difficult process, but thanks to Kai everything was smooth and easy. Looking forward to using his services again!

Siddarth P. 10/22/2020

Love working with Kai as he is a very fast response agent and always keep things on top with updates! He has help me purchase couple condos successfully in smooth transactions! He is my number one agent to go for with any real estate related questions as well! Great agent! Two thumbs up!

Bryan L. 6/19/2019

Super mom and son team. Never argued with me and just wanted to help me as well as possible . Highly recommend.

Peter W. 12/11/2019