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real estate market update June 2022

What's Happening With The Real Estate Market?

What’s Happening to the Real Estate Market With the economy slowing down, inflation, stocked market plunges, crypto crash, gas prices, decade high interest rates and all these things… what is happening with the real estate market?

South Bay Market Report - June 2021 (Year over Year)

South Bay Market Report June ‘20 vs June ‘21 As new price records continue to headline the Real Estate Market, there are some key takeaways for this month.

South Bay Market Update - May 2021

South Bay Market Report As we continue to set new price records for many neighborhoods, let’s compare the market from this January to last month in May.

How to Prep and Sell For Top Dollar

How To Prep and Sell Your Home for Top Dollar Our goal is to exceed our client’s real estate goals while providing a hassle free transaction.

Real Estate Investment Strategy: House-Hacking

What is House Hacking? Real Estate Investment Strategy One of the most common strategies to invest in Real Estate as a First Time Home Buyer is House Hacking.

Reality Of The Market April 2021

The Reality Of The Real Estate Market As of today, April 15th, we will be exploring real examples of how much homes are selling over asking price.


What is an Appraisal Contingency?

The Appraisal Contingency What is an Appraisal? If you are getting a loan, an appraisal is 100% needed. An appraisal is when the bank orders an appraiser to visit and fully assess the property for an appraised value.

real estate investing

Investing in Real Estate: Where to Begin?

So you want to invest in Real Estate… What’s the right way to invest in real estate? How do I decide a good investment from a bad?

Subject to inspection

What is Subject to Inspection?

When Home Shopping you may come across a home that states “Make an offer subject to inspection.” What does this mean?

prop 19

Prop 19 - Property Taxes on Inherited Properties

Prop 19 - Property Taxes on Inherited Properties Proposition 19 was passed and states that children who inherit their parents’ properties will no longer receive property tax breaks if they intend to keep as a second home or investment.